3 Kitchen Tech Gadgets You Absolutely Need To Get

Cookie Monster
April 9, 2016

Regardless of whether you are the next Top Chef or you hate using the kitchen, there are some kitchen tech gadgets that you absolutely need to have in your repertoire. Adding these gadgets will not only make your life much easier, but it will keep you from having to constantly use your microwave. In this article, we will be going over 3 of the most essential gadgets.

3 Kitchen Tech Gadgets That You Need:

1. Sous Vide Precision Cooker.

This is one of the kitchen tech gadgets that every man (and woman) must own. This particular gadget effectively allows you to cook all kinds of meat (and other food) at the perfect temperature as to avoid over and undercooking the food. In essence, it is going to get you the meat that you want to eat at exactly the right texture and look that you want it. For instance, if you likely your steak medium rare, you will be able to effectively cook your steak medium rare every single time effortlessly with this gadget.

2. Oilless Air Fryer.

Not only is this gadget one of the most fun and enjoyable to work with, it is one of the best ways to help you stay in as good of shape as possible. This particular gadget is going to allow you to continue making and eating your favorite fried foods without actually having to use any oil. You will be able to manually adjust the time and the temperature. You will be able to continue to eat all of your favorite fried foods and snacks without having to consume all of the oil that comes with it.

3. Vitamix Blender.

This is an absolute must have for anyone. This particular blender is the top of the line offering for consumers. The fact is, this blender can literally blend anything that you throw at it. It is not going to have a problem blending anything at all and you are going to get all of the nutrients effectively including the fiber. In fact, this particular gadget is so versatile that you can make smoothies, ice cream, sorbet, or even soup. That is right, this blender can actually heat the liquid in your container up enough that you can effectively serve soup right out of it. Another good thing about this particular gadget is that it is an absolute breeze to clean. All you need to do is take soap and water and turn the blender on high. It essentially cleans itself for you so you do not have to worry about a large clean up process. Also, this particular brand comes backed with a 5 to 10-year warranty which should alleviate any concerns you have about plopping down a large amount of money for a blender. Here is a great video on the Vitamix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_lkBRfIHjA

As you can see, there are 3 must have gadgets that anyone with a kitchen must own. Not only are these gadgets going to make your life easier in terms of being able to cook and make the things that you love, but all of them are also going to keep you healthier as well. This is because all of them are designed to get you more nutrients in your body and fewer bacteria. The Sous Vide precision cooker is going to allow you to make meat perfectly, the Oilless Air Fryer is going to allow you to make and eat your favorite fried foods without all of the oil, and the Vitamix blender is going to allow you to blend just about anything that you could possibly want to.