Google Makes the Perfect House Extension

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July 27, 2016

Wither you’ve a keen eye for design, or just get lucky with your colours, searching online to find design ideas is always a great place to start. Not only can you find lots of images that are linked to the likes of Pinterest or Flickr, but you’ll also come across some great architects that can give you a better home extension over your local builder.

What’s great about a home extension is not only the value it can add to your property, but that new home feeling that you have maybe been wanting, but didn’t want to move house for.

Although searches on Google aren’t as high as they used to be back in 2015, it is still a great place to find new ideas as architects, interior designers, and bloggers fill the internet with their thoughts and designs.
Dalkeith based architect Douglas Strachan understands the frustrations of living in existing housing “the main issues I come across regularly are, smaller kitchens, bathrooms, and really lack any connection with the garden”

Quality Architect

Above is a concept design for a Garden Retreat by Douglas, allowing the homes owners to enjoy their garden more through the day and retreat indoors during the night.

With the UK and Ireland topping the Google charts as a region looking for home extensions, there is a massive demand for this part of the property development market. This also means that there may be a number of untrusted sources looking to make a quick buck, whilst leaving you with a botch job extension and a bigger cost on repairs.
This alone, makes it imperative that you seek a trustworthy source before you bring your Pinterest Board to life.
Landmark Architects are a great Architecture Practice to follow on Twitter, with their latest project being written up on Houzz.

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