What Are Some Of The Healthiest Food Trends Of The 21st Century?

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April 5, 2016

The healthiest food trends of the 21st century are quite myriad in form and function. As medical science advances ever quicker due to improvements in mass communication, statistical methodologies and the means by which to measure biological factors, more and more is being learned about what is and isn’t good for the human body. While some allowances must be made for individual bodies, some things are statistically more likely to help people live longer, healthier lives. The modern age is full of new trends that are showing us newer and better ways to eat healthier to improve the quality of our lives.

One particular food trend is the acknowledgment of food allergies and new manufacturing methods that allow people to get the vital nutrients they need without triggering any allergies. Gluten freegrapes-690230_640 products, intended to help people with allergies to gluten proteins found in many grain products, are now infused with the same amount of protein and fiber as other forms of grain. While many will deny that gluten free food tastes the same, the development of new forms of food from grains that do not contain gluten, such as tapioca bread, has proven to be a boon to people with allergies to that protein.

Other allergies, such as allergies to tree nuts or dairy, are also being investigated. While being vegan is a choice, few people choose to be lactose intolerant. And yet, with modern technology, the means by which to create purely plant-based substitutes for dairy products now exist, from almond milk to vegan sour cream. Other substitute products allow people to get the protein and fiber they would get from nuts and nut based products without triggering their allergies. Finally, for those who do choose, for whatever reason, to avoid products such as meat and dairy, the modern age’s diversity of foods has brought in a dizzying array of alternatives that are often just as easy to get as any other item on the menu or in the store.

Another healthy food trend of the modern age is that more food manufacturers are finding that people want to eat nutritious food and are taking measures to increase the nutritional content of their products. Oatmeal infused with extra protein and fruit juices infused with extra vitamins are among the new products that have found their way onto supermarket shelves in recent years, and with food chemistry and agricultural sciences developing as quickly as any other branches of scientific study, this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Keeping an eye out for these products when grocery shopping can be a bit more involved than a quick trip to the supermarket, but they are growing in number and seem to be the wave of the future.

One trend in particular of note is the move towards increasing the amount of fiber people get in their diets. While for some years most people had a hard time avoiding fiber, the proliferation of refined grain and rapidly dropping prices of meat and dairy has created a bit of a problem wherein many people are not getting enough fiber. While the simplest way to handle the problem is to eat more fruits and vegetables, some products, ranging from granola bars focused on fiber content to bread infused with extra fiber, seem intent on mending the problem without taking drugs or supplements like Metamucil. As the benefits of eating more roughage become more widely available, this is another trend that seems to be on the grow, particularly since many food manufacturers have made this an option that is every bit as tasty as doing it another way.

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